The BCS Virtual Academy will begin taking applications for the 2022-23 school year beginning on March 1st. The application is a short form which does not require all of the information necessary to process a student in as a Buncombe County Schools student. It serves as a first step in our application process, which is designed to work with families to personalize a virtual enrollment experience that is best suited to their needs. The general steps of our application are outlined below:

  1. (Current BCS students only) Meet with your current local school administration to discuss how your needs can be met within a traditional enrollment and how the BCSVA can serve your needs based on your situation.

  2. Complete the Application Form online

  3. Meet with a BCSVA representative to discuss your enrollment plans

  4. Complete additional forms to help us determine if the virtual academy is a good fit for you.

    • Links will be emailed to you after you submit the pre-application.

    • Applying does not guarantee acceptance. All students who apply will be screened to ensure a virtual learning environment is appropriate.

  5. (Non-BCS students only) Complete the online BCS student enrollment form

  6. Provide any required registration documents based on your enrollment situation (e.g.; homeschool card, proof of residency, transcript)

  7. Participate in the orientation process