NICS Club (Middle and High)

Buncombe County Schools Virtual Academy

Club Name:  NICS Club (Nature Investigations & Citizen Science Club)

Faculty Club Sponsor Name: Nick Peragine

Club Purpose/Mission:  To investigate and enjoy nature and the surrounding environment, and to improve environmental concerns through the completion of Citizen Science Projects. In doing so, we are creating a more environmentally friendly school, community, and world. 

Specific -BCSVA student population this club will represent:  Middle and High School students who are interested in nature and the outdoors, Citizen Science and community service projects, and learning and practicing the art of nature photography. 

Club meeting dates and times:  Last Tuesday of the Month at 12:00 pm (unless otherwise discussed and determined) 

Club meeting location:  Zoom

Every club must complete one (1) service project per year. 

We plan to complete 9 total Citizen Science Projects (community service projects) each school year. One for each month from September to May (probably won’t get September’s project completed this year due to a late start).

October’s Project (1st project for the 2021-2022 school year): “The Great Pumpkin Project”. Goal: To understand the diversity of insects and microbes on cucurbit plants. Task: Take photos of pumpkins and their insects and microbes and upload them to the project page on iNaturalist along with other observation details. Outcomes: Allows us to help gardeners/farmers dig a little deeper into the many mysteries of pests and pollinators that define the fate of their crops.