Gina Toomey - Principal

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Gina Toomey

Gina Toomey 

It's an honor and a privilege to launch our first official year as the Buncombe County Schools Virtual Academy.  I would like to welcome you to the 21-22 school year as Principal of Buncombe County Schools Virtual Academy (BCSVA). Throughout the years, I've witnessed students in all grade levels achieve their educational goals through our traditional and alternative schools within Buncombe County Schools.     


BSCVA will mark our first official year as a new school to the Buncombe County Schools family. Our vision is to provide access for students and families to engage in our online teaching model.  Many people see online learning as the wave of the future and a response to the pandemic. Our history runs a bit deeper,  Our Academy was created three years ago to serve students county wide! We are proud to offer this option to student for the 21-22 school year as the 45th Buncombe County school within our district. 


This school year, students throughout Buncombe county have been invited to apply for enrollment.  This unique partnership combined the flexibility of online learning with personalized instruction and support with our very own BCS staff. 


Today, BCSVA has a staff of 12 professionals dedicated to offering students a personalized and meaningful education. In addition to providing quality learning experiences, we prepare students for online learning in colleges, universities, the military, and the workforce through a foundation of educational opportunities encompassing grades K-12.  Our staff has been working to create options for students that involve online learning and collaboration with families. 


The trends are clear—online learning is expanding.  I am proud that BCSVA offers students a well-rounded preparation for their futures.  Many thanks to our teachers, counselor, and support staff members for their continued dedication to our students and their families.  I couldn’t ask for a better team of professionals.  My pledge is to support our students, parents and community members throughout their educational journeys that make us a family and active members in our community. I wish everyone a successful and fulfilling school year. 


All the best! 

Gina Toomey